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Feed Yourself Right…And You Can Achieve Anything!

  • Are you ready to break free of the diet roller coaster?
  • Discover foods that make you feel good.
  • Learn how to eat and enjoy real food.
  • Attend social events not stressed about what you can or cannot eat.
  • Perform at your maximum potential.
  • Surprise yourself with what you can achieve when you fuel your body and mind with the right foods and thoughts?

Well, you have come to the right place, the areas I specialize in include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Intuitive Eating / Non Diet Approach to Weight Loss
  • Sports Nutrition (for the active person, weekend warrior, or competitive athlete)
  • Food Sensitivity Testing and Treatment
  • Eating Disorder Treatment and Recovery
  • Customized Menu Planning
  • Speaking and Consulting Services are Available

To learn more about the services or schedule an appointment call 337.739.3539 or send an e-mail to yvette@yvettequantz.com.

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    “Even as an avid fitness enthusiast and Professional Trainer, nutrition and diet has always been a challenge for me. The guidance I needed didn\'t find me until Yvette Quantz sat down with me to help me formulate a plan. Her plan was not only easy to follow, but fit in with my hectic schedule. She reiterated the basics of food and nutrition, while speaking on a level I could understand. The entire experience was a positive one and helped motivate me to a new level of fitness that has been recognized by friends and colleagues alike. The X - factor in my regime was Yvette Quantz, who helped me plug in the missing pieces of the puzzle and attain the new level of fitness I had been searching for.”

    by Robert, Professional Trainer, Dallas, TX