DROP – Online Coaching Program

Why does this program work?  Because you are constantly being reminded of what you are working towards – helping you to stay focused on being a healthier, happier, sexier, fitter, stronger, leaner, and better self!

Silver Level $99.00 / month Gold Level

$159.00 / month


$225.00 / month

Weekly Motivational and Educational E-mails X X X
Weekly Personal and Private E-Mail Communication with Yvette X X X
Weekly Food Log Reviews X X X
Accountability all week long to keep you on track and moving forward to reaching your goals X X X
Weekly Food Log Review X X X
New Recipe and Food Ideas X X X
30 Minute Face Time, Skype or Phone Call Conference X

(once a month)


(2x a month)


(every week – 4x a month)

Full refund if the program is not what you were expecting after the first 2 weeks X X X
A supportive, safe, and motivating environment to be become your best X X X

Silver (includes once a month coaching phone call)

Personal Investment: $99.00

Gold Level:  $159.00 (not listed above but includes 2x a month 30 minute coaching sessions)

Platinum Level: $225.00 (includes weekly phone call coaching sessions)

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