Foodspiration™: Don’t Be Shy…Show Off Your Assets

Fabulous – share worthy – assets…we all have them.

You know that one thing about you that other’s can look at and say “that person has it going on…”

Foodspiration™ official definition of assets: The gifts that were given to us and meant to be shared with others.  The part of ourselves that we have worked really hard at improving.  Our “thing” that other people admire.  The one thing we are secretly (or openly) proud of.  What we do really well.  The “it” factor that makes us unique and likable.

Assets can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles – and I promise you – each and everyone of of us has something to share with others and INSPIRE the goodness of the human spirit to shine.

Today – I encourage you to share whatever your asset may be with others.  It could be your smile, giving heart, ability to do 100 push ups, or even your nice lean legs or bulging arm muscles.

When I say share with others – I am not saying to brag – but instead use your assets to INSPIRE goodness and the best in others.

  • Share your smile with those around you – you never know who could really use it.
  • Share your strength with others – you never know who could use a good pick me up (either emotionally or physically).
  • Share your ability to give freely with someone who is angry and upset.
  • Share your health and positive attitude to inspire someone to take it one day at a time and make changes for a healthier, happier body.

Today I ask – to go not be shy but go out in the world and SHARE YOUR ASSETS with those around you.

Have a wonderful day!


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