I have known Angie since we were in elementary school and took a dance class together…she was really good & very coordinated – especially at hip hop…me not so much :). Angie has ALWAYS been a smart, spunky, full-of-life girl with a mission. She’s a leader, party starter, friend, girl who loves to laugh, and most of all, a Christian devoted to serving God. Over the years our paths have been intertwined in more than one way and our friendship has blossomed. I have always liked Angie…how can anyone not like her? However, over the past few years, as I have become a mother and business owner myself, I have gained an even deeper respect and admiration for Angie. You see, Angie did something pretty bold when she chose her career path 15 years ago. Instead of taking the traditional route to climb the corporate ladder, she decided from an early age she was going to use her God given gifts and talents to serve and fight for unborn babies.

Today’s Beautiful and Brave post is from Angie and how she decided at an early age to follow her calling in life and become a pro-life lawyer. I hope you enjoy her story and are inspired by her bold and courages career moves. If you would like to donate to her cause, click here

Angie’s Story:
“Through prayer, God has led me to peace in my career. I am a pro-life lawyer. I look back on how I became a pro-life lawyer and I see it’s a story of letting God lead me to peace through prayer. I began my passion for saving unborn babies when I was still in high school. I wanted to make a difference for the unborn, but I was still defining success as money, fame, and power. 
How could I make a lot of money, be famous, and be powerful just by being pro-life? I distinctly remember back in my high school, we were discussing some hard issues in religion class. One of the issues was why there was no cure to cancer yet, why God allowed things like illnesses. One of my classmates said, “Maybe God gave us someone with the cure, but that someone was aborted.” This fueled my passion. The seed was planted. God had placed a calling on my life. From then on, praying for an end to abortion was on my daily list of things to do. And, through prayer, he had started the process of redefining success. 
Throughout college, I knew I had to do something about abortion. I prayed about how I could do something about abortion and God led me to law school. It seemed like a lawyer was a good thing to be if you wanted to change the law. I got to law school and I didn’t feel much peace at all. None of my first semester courses had anything to do with abortion. All that was talked about was getting good grades so you can get a good clerkship so you can get a good job so you can make a lot of money. The more I talked about being a pro-life lawyer to people, the more of a reality it became that there was no such thing as a pro-life lawyer. Everyone at school said Roe v. Wade would never change and that no one would pay me to fight for the unborn. All I wanted to do was quit. 

The only thing everyone talked about was being a successful lawyer. To them, that meant making a lot of money and being powerful. But I knew that wasn’t what success meant to me. Success was being redefined in my heart through prayer. God began to show me that money, fame, and power are not what it’s all about. Success is about following God’s will for your life. God’s plan for you is the plan that will make you peaceful and happy.

God has placed a calling on each and every one of you. We are all called to serve in one way or another. Maybe you fulfill that ministry in your job, like the wonderful teachers at Chapelle fulfilling their calling to form the young minds of tomorrow or maybe you have a business job and fulfill your calling of feeding the poor on the weekends. Either way, you HAVE to pray and discern where God wants you to use the gifts he gave you.Through lots of prayer, I knew God was calling me to work in the pro-life movement, and I knew He was calling me to finish law school. But it didn’t make sense. Was God calling me to be something that was nonexistent?

Confused, I prayed a verse from Proverbs, Chapter 3: Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.And He did direct my path. God showed me that I needed to ask questions.

I would ask as many questions as possible to as many people as possible, then I’d be sure to find a way to fulfill these callings on my life. Ironically, I started with someone who ended up being an advocate for a pro-abortion organization. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time. Looking back, he must have thought I was crazy. But, hey, God can use anyone or anything to further his will. This person told me about another person, who I interviewed. That person told me about another person who told me about another person…..Six people later I had met my two mentors. One was the founder of the Woman’s New Life Center, the pregnancy resource center where I work, the other was a real, live pro-life lawyer. I knew it, I knew there was such a thing. God doesn’t put these things in your heart for nothin’.

All of that happened in a matter of weeks. I was back on track. God had LED ME TO PEACE THROUGH PRAYER. I knew I had to finish law school and be a pro-life advocate.

I am so very blessed. I get to work in the pro-life movement, helping young people understand the truth about abortion. I thought success was money, fame, and power. Well, I may not get paid a bunch of money but what I do get paid is money that was donated by loving hearts that want me to continue my work. And, when a group of teenagers stopped me in a restaurant and said, “hey, you spoke to us about abortion. You’re the pro-life lady”…well that’s all the fame I need. Not to mention the power of being able to share the truth with others…that’s true power.

As God leads me in my job, I am blessed with other ways to share God’s peace. Here again, I had to ask God to lead me through prayer.

As I said earlier, I have been praying for an end to abortion for awhile now. In prayer, I started to think about what it really means to pray for an end to abortion. Am I praying for Roe v. Wade to be overturned? Am I praying for no one to have sex outside of a loving marriage open to children? Well I realized that I am praying for those things, but God has led me to an even deeper meaning of praying for the end to abortion.

Working at the Woman’s New Life Center, I am blessed with the opportunity to pray with girls in crisis pregnancy. The counseling session usually begins with a long discussion of why they are considering abortion as an option and why they feel overwhelmed. This is always a very intense conversation. This is their lives we’re talking about. No one I’ve talked to really wants to have abortions; they just feel trapped with no one to turn to. That’s where we come in. In counseling, I take each fear and walk them through it. I find ways to help them financially, emotionally, and practically.

But the most important part of the session, by far, is when I get to pray with the girls. The power of prayer is amazing. It’s almost inevitable that, when I look up after saying Amen, the girl is crying and thanking me for giving her a peace she’s never felt before. That is the gift God gives us with prayer. In empowering a woman to choose life for her unborn baby, the prayer to end abortion is answered that very day for that young child in her womb. God leads these girls and their unborn baby to peace through prayer.

My prayer for each one of you is that you will use the most amazing business/political/legal/financial, and moral consultant we have…God. Consult with him for every decision you make and God will direct your path to peace.”

How does Angie’s story relate to Foodspirations mission? Angie had a deep desire to find her true calling in life and LISTEN to God and what her purpose was in life. Angie had to FEED HERSELF DAILY with words that would continue to talk to her and bring her through the most difficult and discouraging times. We all have a calling and purpose in life and sometimes we get so caught up in what “society” says we need to do that we forget to LISTEN to what we are supposed to do and where we are supposed to go. By taking the time to feed ourself with right the words and fuel we will be brought closer to the purpose we have been created for. Angie did it that early in her career and I believe everyone has the power to find peace through prayer…we just need to take time to feed ourself with the right words and fuel, listen, believe, and be patient. The rest will take care of itself!

What words will you feed yourself today?