Story Behind the Stories

One of my favorite things about my work has always been the people.

Over the past few years I have had the humbling experience of listening to stories from people who embarked upon the journey of change. In the process of learning how to feed themselves for better health & weight management (that is mostly what people scheduled their first appointment for), they learned that they were capable of so much more. Once they learned to feed their whole self (mind, body, & soul), life became more than the number on the scale or food in the fridge.

People have shared their personal struggles, successes, hardships, inner-turmoil, and happiness – ultimately, they have shared their own story of faith and perseverance.

I have become amazed by the inner beauty and braveness of people.

Bravery- This is a trait we often forget to see in the quest for better health and fitness. To stand up for oneself and honor weaknesses and strengths. How important it is to feed ourselves with the right foods, words, people, and activities that empower us.

In the journey of trial & change, we also learn about how our life challenges can actually be an opportunity to share our unique gifts and lessons with the world around us.

In 2013, I became inspired by people who would show glimpses of their inner beauty and bravery on Facebook, especially when it came to very deep and personal hardship. I sat on an idea for a while. I thought, “there is no way they will share their story”…but I was wrong! When I had the courage to ask people if they would share their stories, I actually received more YES’s than NO’s.

The first Beautiful and Brave featured woman was Anna, a girl I worked with years ago. I have been in awe of the way she has blossomed in life, and has really been inspiring and empowering to other woman around her. The responses received from her story was truly amazing. Emails, Facebook messages, and the dearest to my heart- individual clients sharing how the stories helped them when they were having the hardest of hard days.

Now I am both honored and humbled to share these stories with you. I hope you find strength in these stories to deal with whatever you are going through. Put in a little bit of work, ask for help, add a lot of faith, and share your best self with the world. You got this ;).

Have an inspiring story to share? Accomplished an awesome goal? Overcame a personal hardship…and you came out the other end a better person?

We are always looking for new inspiring stories to share with our readers. Maybe you beat cancer, lost weight, overcame an addiction or eating disorder, or crossed the finish line for that race you have been training for, anything! Send us an email and we may feature you on our blog!

Foodspiration is all about celebrating success!

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