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Just for Today…


Yesterday I was thinking about today, and today I’m already thinking about tomorrow.

What will the New Year bring? The excitement of new beginnings, the hope for the future, the worry of what might go wrong, and the anticipation of achieving goals.

But I don’t want to keep thinking about, worrying about and planning for tomorrow…

So I pray for today.

Today I pray for the people in my life, the work in my hands, and the task set before me.

I pray for the strength to face the trials and struggles that today may bring.

I pray for eyes to see the joy and goodness of today,

Today I pray for ears to hear the words I need and a mouth that speaks words of love, comfort, peace, and encouragement to others.

I pray for food to nourish and fuel my body today.

I pray for a mind and heart that can see all there is to be grateful for today and not worry about what tomorrow will bring.

While it’s easy to think about the goals I want to achieve, the things I hope to do and see this year, I pray the distractions of the future don’t hold me back from being present today.

And if for the next 365 days of the year I can remember to pray for today, then I know I’ll have what I need whatever tomorrow may bring.

Thank you for today.


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