Unroll the Mat, Time to Try Again

time to try againHe said, “I’m ready to try again.”

He (referring to my left shoulder), knew I wanted to go back to class and for more than just the movement.

Today’s class was a community class where donations we’re going to the nonprofit, Eat Fit Acadiana, that I work for. He understood this was important to me.

He thanked me for the two days of rest, acknowledging that he felt good.

He wants to try again, but he needed to lead the way.

Ego had to be left at the door. The minute she tries to creep in, he told me he will shut down.

He asked me to tell the rest of them (referring to the other essential players that help me move and flow) to not push him. He needed their support.

We held a brief meet up and agreed he could guide what movements we’d do.

Ego had to stay home.

Class started, and the right shoulder was quickly reminded to not bully left by showing off all she was capable of.

She needed to simmer down.

She obliged.

With instruction for our first plank pose, knees were called in for support.

“Good job, everyone. We got this.”

For the rest of the class, we moved and flowed, letting left shoulder lead the way.

Once we were all laid on the mat in our final savasana position, I heard a whisper,

“Thank you. Thank you for listening and supporting me as I rebuild my strength. I know you’re all stronger than I am, and it’s hard being the weakest link here, but she hasn’t replaced any of us yet, and if we keep working together like this, I hope she never has to. I want her to get back to doing what she loves, but it’s going to take time. With your patience and support, I’ll keep getting stronger.”

This was a follow-up post from The Day I Had to Roll Up My Mat

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