20 Ways to Sweat and Burn 300 Calories (at least!)*

The phrase #sweatonceaday is really just a trendy way of saying, “Participate in at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity.” Let’s be honest, sometimes bringing in the trendy phrases to things we know we should be doing can help give us that motivation to get moving. If it works for you – go with it!

The truth is, participating in regular physical activity is important not only for our physical but also mental health and well-being. Challenging yourself to break a sweat means you are pushing your body to a new limit. Sweating is your body’s internal cooling system and is a natural response to an internal rise in body heat. While not all physical activity causes you to break a sweat, sweating can be a good indicator that your physical activity is benefiting cardiovascular health and beyond. Here are a few ways to #sweatonceaday, what new ways will you challenge yourself?

40 minutes high-intensity dancing (think hip hop or Latin dance cardio)
30 minutes jump rope
25 minutes HIIT Training
30-minute cycling class
30 minutes of rock climbing
30 minutes of short bursts on the rowing machine
Swimming laps for 30 minutes. Extra points for a full-body workout all in one!
30-minute full-body kettlebell workout
60 minutes of brisk walking
About one hour of weeding/planting
45 minutes of vigorous play with kids, this way the entire family gets activity in!
35 minutes of tennis
30 minutes of jogging at 5 mph
80 minutes of weightlifting
45 minutes of hot yoga
45 minutes of hiking uphill
25 minutes of stadiums or indoor stair stepper
30 minutes of Tabata (what is this?)
20 minutes of plyometrics (jump training)
20-25 minutes of pushing the lawnmower

*Estimated calorie burn based on a 150-pound woman

Remember, what works for someone else won’t always work for you and your schedule. Your coworker may workout each morning and make it seem easy, but for you 5:00 a.m. may just be too early. That’s perfectly fine! Getting in a sweat session on your lunch break or after work is just as effective. Take a moment to sit down and commit to the challenge, map out each day at the beginning of the week and schedule 30 minutes of activity. This ensures success and eliminates time or schedule conflicts.

Always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

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