What’s Keeping You Alive?

Today’s post has been inspired by my daughter – and I thought it was a perfect to share as we start to wrap up  summer.

Do you have anything exciting planned this week?

Something you are looking forward to that you are planning days in advance what you will wear?
And that you are going to go to bed early so you have enough energy?!?! 

Well, this weekend my daughter reminded me just how important it is to have those “can’t wait to go to bed because of what is going to happen when I wake up” type of things to look forward to.

She has been begging to ride horses, and we are not sure what came over us this weekend but have signed her up for a few lessons.  And listening to her tell us when she is going to go to bed (early) and what she will wear on Tuesday  (jeans, a Sea World t-shirt, and boots!), for she wants to make sure she is ready for her first lesson!

Watching her reminded me just how important it is to set new goals for ourselves.  How important it is to have something to look forward to. 

Plan things that make our heart skip a beat and make us want to go to bed early….because we know if we go to sleep we are that much closer to taking our first horse back riding lesson! (or running our next race, taking a new sewing class, etc)

Sometimes as adults – living our life, going to work, household chores, task, etc we can get stuck into a rut and forget what it is like to have that feeling of starting something new and having something exhilarating to look forward to…but the truth is – this is the stuff that keeps us healthy and ALIVE!  Eager to keep on living and experiencing all life has to offer.

And when we feel good about ourselves, we are better able to do these things our heart desires.  So my question to you – what are you going to do this week to keep your body and spirit ALIVE?

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Be Inspired.  Be Empowered.  Be the Best You Can Be.  You got this 😉

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