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In Silence…

“So then, let us pursue what promotes peace & what builds up one another.” Romans 14:19


The last time I wrote to you was January 1st.

It’s not that I haven’t thought about you, no, that’s not it at all.

I’ve actually thought about you often.

I knew your inboxes and media feeds have been filled with posts and promises luring for your attention.

Promises for weight loss and body transformation. Promises to never diet again. Hopes that this year will be different.

I didn’t want to add to the noise, trying to pull for your attention. I didn’t want to write a post or send an email just because I thought I was supposed to.

So I didn’t.

Instead, I sat back, taking in the post and promises from the others, thinking of you and what words I could I share to add value to your day.

I sat in silence.

In silence, I reflected on how noisy the world of health and wellness is, especially during January and the again come March and April when promises of summer begin to approach.

About two weeks ago, I received a little nudge to write about my silence, but I told that nudge to go away.

You don’t want to hear or read about silence. How will that help you?

And again, in silence, I found the answer I wanted to share.

When it comes to taking care of yourself and finding the right way to nourish and fuel yourself, the answers are within you.

What’s the best exercise plan? 

The one that you enjoy doing. The movement that challenges your mind and body while not causing injury or pain.

When it comes to self-care and the goals you’ve set for 2020, find time to sit in silence and listen to what your body is asking for.

More movement? More plants? Smaller portions? More balance? More water? Less booze? Less soda? Less sugar? More preparation? More mindfulness? More of you being present with your food and lifestyle choices?

What do you hear?

In silence, you can find the answer.




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