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Soul Food: Perfectly Designed Planners

Dear Lord, master designer

I like to plan things out.

I love schedules, agendas, and perfectly planned out planners.

I’ve been told you are the master planner.

I’ve heard you have a perfect plan for me, and actually for all of us. We are told everything happens for a reason.

But you haven’t shared this master plan with me, and sometimes it gets frustrating not knowing what’s next.

Not knowing our schedule, what the timeline looks like can become discouraging.

I’m used to having a checklist and crossing off tasks as they are completed.

I love creating and working towards goals. That’s one of the reasons I loved running. I had a mapped out plan of what I had to do to achieve my goal. Having a start and end date keeps me focused and accountable.

Give me the plan and I’ll follow, I promise.

But that’s not how you work.

You know my plan and my plan is laid out more perfectly than I could ever imagine.

You tell me to trust you.

You ask me to be patient.

You share sprinkle signs of your love, goodness, and grace in small moments of the day. You tell me to keep walking with you.

You remind me you are leading the way.

Even when you haven’t revealed the next step, you ask me to trust and believe that you got this.

So I do.

I trust.

I believe.

I surrender my need for a perfectly planned out planner.

Here I am, ready for you to lead the way.


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