What story will you write in 2011?

• Lose weight while still enjoying life
• Drop a size…or two
• Walk on the beach with confidence
• Run or walk your first race
• Get the right treatment for your eating disorder
• Find out what foods are making you sick through Food Sensitivity Testing
• Incorporate more fresh, whole foods into your diet
• Create a healthier family
• Be better…in every way!

How Clients Re-Wrote Their Story in 2010.

I am leaner and my family is healthier…

“As a fitness enthusiast, I am always looking for a challenge, mentally and physically.   The services received have kept my lifestyle fresh with nutrition and fitness information. The knowledge I have gained continues to be implemented in me and my family’s way of life.” – Nichole, Broussard, LA. Participated in “How To” Eat Cleaner, 30 Days of Discipline, Food Focus On line Coaching Program and Cheat Your Way Through the Holidays

I have learned to gain control of my Binge Eating Disorder

“I was a fat kid. I know, Yvette does not like me to say that word but it is true. At my heaviest I was 350 pounds…at 12 years old! I went on my first diet at 8 years old. By the time I was 16 I was down to 210 pounds and playing tennis at a professional level. I used to get merch from tennisracquets.com/collections/head-racquets. Even though I have lost the weight and look to be a healthy, active, normal 17 year old, I was OBSESSED with food and eating.  Until, April 2009 when I started working with Yvette. Over our time my relationship with food has greatly improved. Still not perfect, but there has been a HUGE change. I have learned to become a mindful eater and not obsess over every calorie. Now I am pursuing an acting career in LA and thankfully with Yvette’s on line coaching programs and phone calls I am able to stay centered and feeling good.”
– Michael, Lafayette, LA – Participant in private nutrition counseling, on line coaching, and phone sessions.

I discovered a new passion for cycling…

“The online coaching program is really about living my life. I unknowingly uncovered a growing passion for cycling as a result of the program. The coaching program, the riding – it’s all helping me to be my best. My ‘number’ is not someone else’s number, even if we’re the same height. It is eating foods I enjoy and fuel my body while removing those that add little or nothing to my life. The best gift I received from the program is confidence. It’s also the best gift I can help give.”
– Christa, Dallas, TX Participated in private counseling and Food Focus On line Coaching

I discovered the foods that were making me sick!

“I was at a point where I couldn’t hold down much of any food and was in severe pain.I was certain my digestive problems were connected to food and yet there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to what was causing my symptoms. I had tried everything and eliminated multiple foods in different combinations off and on for years and yet there never seemed to be a definitive answer. I did elimination diets for common food sensitivities and while I would have some improvement would still have severe relapses in my symptoms. The answers I received from LEAP were incredible. Foods that I never realized could be an issue were pinpointed and the combination of the few foods I eliminated per my LEAP results have made a tremendous difference in my health. Before LEAP I ate only a handful of foods because it seemed everything made me sick. Now, I’m able to confidently eat a variety of foods and feel better than I have after years of searching.” -Amanda Bedgood, Lafayette, LA, LEAP MRT patient.

I ran my best race and I have more confidence!

“Over the year and by working with my trainer and your services I have made amazing progress and changes. I am fitter, faster, leaner, healthier, and that did it for me. I think it was you being supportive, making contact regularly, being available, and real. I appreciate that about you. Having people believe in me and motivating me helped.”
– Jaime, Carencro, LA Participant in private counseling, Food Focus on line coaching, “How To” Eat Cleaner E-Course, “How To” Lose Weight for Good E-Course, and 30 Days of Discipline

I continue to feel great even with a very busy social calendar!

“Through on line coaching, whether it be through an e-course, a motivational program, or a nutrition program, I have been able to achieve my goals. The daily inspirations, tips and accountability have made it fun and easy to attain success! It feels wonderful to feel healthy, make wise decisions (most of the time!), and not feel that I’m not living and enjoying life!!!”Carolann, Dallas, TX Participant in “How To” Eat Cleaner, “How To” Lose Weight for Good, Food Focus On line Coaching, and 30 Days of Discipline

I participated in my first (and then second) half marathon!

“I just ran my second half marathon, I ran my first one month ago. I feel better than I have in years since I have cleaned up my diet. I had no idea how much your diet affects your emotions, hormones, etc. Thanks !”


– Karen, Dallas, TX. Participant in “How To” Eat Cleaner E-Course and “How To” Travel, Dine Out, and Look Great

I lost my baby weight…and more!

“I am FINALLY, 5 lbs. smaller than before I got pregnant! Thank goodness! Yay! It took forever it seems, but I know I did it the right way, and learned a lot along the way.”
– Stephanie, Dallas, TX Participant in private counseling Food Focus On line Coaching, “How To” Eat Cleaner, and “How To” Lose Weight for Good E-Course


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