Before You Set Your New Year’s Resolution…

This is something I wrote a year ago and received so much positive feedback that I have decided to make this an annual post.  If you are anything like me then you appreciate the gentle reminder to be thankful of all you have and have achieved before moving onto the next big goal on your “to do” list ;).

Before you set your 2013 New Year Resolutions and Goals…

DO THIS (and make it a habit to practice on a regular basis!)

Take a moment and be grateful for something YOU have accomplished or achieved in 2012.

As we come to year’s end I find people all around are stating the things they want to accomplish, do, or change in 2013.  Which is wonderful – I personally love setting goals and love being around people who like to set goals and work on being their personal best.

However, all too often I find that when we dream about what can be achieved in the future we forget about all that has been accomplished in the past.

We sometimes forget where we have come from.  And if we cannot remember where we have been then how can we see (and appreciate) where we are going?

You see, I am a true believe in the practice of gratitude.

It is OK to want more.  To want to improve yourself and your present circumstances.  To want to become healthier, slimmer, leaner, faster, and stronger.  It is OK to want to become more advanced in your career,  buy a new car, make enough money to go on that exotic vacation, or even just have extra money to buy a new pair of shoes.  However, you will evolve into a much happier and healthier person if this is done in a spirit of gratitude for all that has been, all that is, and all that you are.

Setting goals are a good thing.  They keep us moving forward and progressing into the person and purpose we were created for.

But today before you set and plan all that is to be done in 2013 – take a moment and be GRATEFUL for something YOU have done in 2012.

Perhaps there was an event in your life this year that significantly changed you and the way you view life, maybe you overcame huge adversity…Or maybe you made a difference in another persons life.  These are all BIG things in life and should be recognized.

Maybe the scale did not move in the direction you were hoping, but just maybe something else was changing and evolving in you.  And maybe what happened in 2012 is what will set the tone for all that is to come in 2013.

My suggestion is that for the rest of 2012, instead of planning and scheduling out  all that is to be achieved in 2013 and or talking about how you want to “erase” 2012 and start anew.  Take time to reflect and express gratitude for all that has been done and all this is in 2012.

Be grateful for both the good and the bad.  The happy and the sad.  The easy and the difficult.  The joy and the pain.

It is in those moments that you are challenged to dig deeper within yourself and bring out your own inner strength, perseverance, and goodness – all of which are needed to achieve your maximum potential and own AWESOMENESS for 2013!

After you have set your 2012 gratitude intentions and you are ready to ROCK 2013…join me in my online coaching program which begins Monday, January 7th!

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