Client Success: Billie’s Journey

Watch the inspiring journey of Billie. She initially came seeking help on fueling for the Zydeco marathon, while also learning how to eat to manage her severe food sensitivities, and improve body image / disordered eating habits.

During our first meeting, I told her this journey was going to take work and commitment; it was not always going to be easy. I believed in her and the work would be worth it (especially the release of the scale as a gauge for how the day would go.) We met every 2 weeks from January until the week before the race, and each meeting she did more than just “show up”, Billie put in the “work” to not only learn how to fuel her body for success, but she worked at transforming her mental thought process.

Ten days before race day I asked her put the scale away. Focus on her “THE BIG GOAL” of crossing the finish line at 3:40 minutes. I knew she could do it, I saw her training logs and her body was ready. I also knew the #1 thing that would hold her back would be the “number” on the scale and fear of “gaining weight” from increased carbohydrate intake. She nervously agreed to listen and trust my guidance. Watch the video to see how she did…

Share your comments below to cheer Billie on as she works on her next “BIG” goal…to qualify for Boston! I know she can do it.

When you feed yourself right, you really can achieve anything!

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