The process of change…

It’s official! The move has been made and the office of Food Therapy has been re-located to:

1200 Camellia Blvd
Suite 202 G
Lafayette, LA 70508

Over the past few weeks I have been working on TRANSFORMING my office and I must be honest, many life lessons were “revealed” to me during this time. Today I am sharing the physical TRANSFORMATION that has occurred with my office space and how this experience relates to each and every one of us as we embark on any type of journey to TRANSFORM ourselves into becoming our best self. I especially want to share how this experience relates to our decision to change our eating, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle habits. I hope you enjoy these “revelations” …and if you are ready to TRANSFORM your eating, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle habits to become your best self send an e-mail to and we can explore what is best for you.

The Transformation

1. Change is scary. I will be honest; I was petrified to move. I knew it was time to move the location as well as design of my office, but I was scared of the unknown. This feeling is similar to the feeling we may have when needing to change our eating and lifestyle behaviors. We may know that a change is needed, but it is scary to embark on the journey. The thought of replacing favorite comfort foods, beginning a new exercise program, switching evening habits and routines can be a little scary and maybe overwhelming at times. But you can do it with a little faith, patience, persistent, and guidance that the changes are in honor of becoming your best self.

2. Change can be uncomfortable. Making a change means you may need to have some conversations or experiences that make you uncomfortable. For me it was uncomfortable to tell some of my office mates I was moving. It was very uncomfortable (and a little painful) moving the large book case out of the office and into the new one. It was uncomfortable to paint with oil based paint! But stepping out of my comfort zone and making the move was worth it. Any time we make a change we may experience a little bit of being “uncomfortable”…but that is where the true progress lies.

3. Change may take “$change$”. Yep, that is right, it may cost money to make a move. I like to think of it as an investment. When it comes to your health, you are making an INVESTMENT in YOURSELF. Invest some resources to become your best self. You don’t need to spend a ton of money – as you will see in my next tip to “work with what you got.” To make the true transformation you are looking to achieve you may need to invest some “$change$” in yourself.

4. Work with what you got and make improvements where you can. While I knew I had to invest some money to make my office transformation, I also knew my limits. Therefore, it was important that I worked with what I had. In my case, I worked with the furniture I already had – and invested in black paint, two chairs, a piece of art, and two pillows. When it comes to transforming our body it is important to know you cannot change everything. You body is God’s gift to you. There are things you can improve and transform to bring out the best in you. But, there also comes a point in your journey to recognize what can be transformed and what you need to accept and work with.

5. Change takes time. While the office transformation only took about a week, the actual move really took about a year. From the beginning thoughts of “should I make a move” to doing research and searching for the right space, to signing the lease, painting the furniture, and moving in. Time is needed with any transformation. Give yourself the time needed to reach your goals. Recognize that change is a process.

6. Friends and family are invaluable in any life change. There is no way I could have made the office transformation without the help of my best friend who drove up from New Orleans to help paint the furniture. As well as my cousins, aunt, and husband who helped move the furniture. The list can go on. With your decision to make a personal transformation – tell your friends and family. Ask for support and help when needed and remember to return the favor.

7. Seek the help of a professional. I am not a decorator; there is no way I could have made the transformation without the help from a professional. Luckily, my mother in law and sister in law are FABULOUS designers so they were my decorators. I had to ask for help. I had to listen and implement their advice and suggestions. I had to trust the process. The same is true with your health, nutrition, and fitness goals. Seek the advice of a professional – ask for help, listen, implement, and trust the process.

8. Remember you are on a journey and be grateful for what you have. Through the journey of life there are times when you will be up and you will be down, the point is to learn from your experiences. If a diet or fitness program you tried has failed in the past, see this as an opportunity to learn from it. How can you improve yourself and what you are currently doing? Finally, be grateful for the body you have. Be grateful for the gifts in life. Work at TRANSFORMING yourself to be YOUR BEST SELF.

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  1. Yvette!
    Wow you are such a good writer. I really enjoy reading your posts. Not to mention your expert layouts. I am excited for your move and know from experience that just moving an office within the same building is a huge endeavor. Congrats to you by the way on your FNCE talk. Looking forward to seeing you in Sept in San Diego! Emma

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