Empower Yourself with Exercise


Good morning! Today I just want to send a reminder of the importance of exercise. I know when it gets real cold & life gets real busy it’s easy to get out of our exercise routine. But today I want you to make a conscious effort to get SOMETHING in. By mid week if we have not gotten in a good workout the chances of saying “oh I’ll start Monday” only increase. And procrastinating to “start Monday” only sets you up to fall backwards on your goals.

I am so passionate about the exercise component of this equation because I know that exercise EMPOWERS us.

It makes us feel stronger, not only in our muscles, but also internally. A good workout helps to clear your mind & reduce stress, helping to diminish internal barriers & strengthen your resolve to keep working towards your goal.

Your exercise does not have to be complex or complicated…actually keeping it simple is the perfect way to stay focused & get results. Exercise is also good for your relationships (Valentines Day is right around the corner)!

Participate in strength training work. Challenge yourself wherever you are. Incorporate cardiovascular exercises into your routine. I am not a personal trainer, but I know a few good ones you can set you up on an effective routine.

Finally make time to rest & recover. Rest & recovery days are just as important as your training days, so do them!

How do you plan to empower yourself with exercise today?

Why do you exercise?


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