“Renew” Yourself this Fall

This Fall RENEW yourself and join me in one of the many different programs that I offer.

Over the past year I have worked hard to create a variety of programs INSPIRED by my clients and I am certain you can find something for your needs(and budget) to help give you that extra umph of motivation, education, and support that you need!

Below is a summary of the different services that offer.

Fall is the perfect time of year to join in my on line coaching program “Food Focus”. I started “Food Focus” over a year ago and have coached over 50 people each month into making lifestyle changes to looking and feeling their best. If you are interested in reading more about Food Focus then click here: https://foodtherapyonline.com/services/food-focus-on-line-coaching-program/

In the Spring of 2010 I also developed 4 nutrition e-courses to help offer a more economical way of working with me but also provide information that will educate and inspire participants each week to make small changes and learn “How To”:
• Eat Cleaner
• Lose Weight for Good
• Cook Quick and Lean
• and
• Travel, Dine Out and Look Great
Each course is a 6 week series and is only $49.00. You will receive your first lesson the day after you enroll. For more information about nutrition e-courses and to sign up click here : https://foodtherapyonline.com/services/e-courses/

Finally, one of the services I have always offered and continue to LOVE doing is working with clients privately. To read more about the individual nutrition counseling services I offer at Food Therapy click here: https://foodtherapyonline.com/services/

As you think about how you want to “renew” yourself this Fall, remember sometimes we can all use a little “Food Therapy” to help get us on the right track! If you would like to discuss additional services offered please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at yvette@foodtherapyonline.com.

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