Soul Food: Be Bold

Be Bold.

How many times I’ve heard this.

How many times I’ve said this.

But it’s always sounded so generic, so routine, so cliche.

Until today.

This morning my alarm went off way too early.

At the first sound, I remember hearing, WHAT was I thinking when I set my alarm for this time? It’s really early and freezing, I’ve been working really hard, I need the sleep. 

After hitting snooze, the pull of my WHY became stronger than the pull of the warm covers.

Fighting through the resistance, I dragged myself out of bed.

Still not sold on whose idea it was to wake up at this time and struggling with the internal battle of “back to bed” or “rise and shine.”

I remembered…

I needed to talk and read with Him. 

Life has been hectic, the days have been flying by. While there’s hope in where things are headed, there is still so much uncertainty. 

I need to slow down to listen.

I need to find the strength and wisdom to continue.

I can’t afford to miss this meeting.

I let His promise of this being time well spent pull me out of bed. 

This is what I heard:

Be Bold. 

It’s our privilege to be bold in what we ask for.

If what we are asking for is designed for our path, He will give us the strength, wisdom, and resources needed to take action. 

But the truth is, the lure to stay in bed is strong (literally and figuratively).

The pull to stay safe and warm is real.

But so is the calling He has for us.

Dear Lord, 

Give me the strength to be bold in what I’m asking for. May I have the courage to be brave and take action where needed. 

Help me remember that you want me to live boldly, not so I can boast about personal or professional accomplishments, but so that I can serve you. 

Thank you for giving me the energy and focus on doing what I need.

“Since we have such a hope, we are very bold” 2 Corinthians 3:12


Regardless of what is keeping you from taking that next step, I hope you remember WHY you set your alarm in the first place. When you think about it, the sound of your morning alarm is just another goal you’ve set. A goal to wake up and start the day.


P.S. This post was written while children were still sleeping and before any emails were read, or meetings were had. Which in real-life terms means, it was easy to write “Be Bold.” Fast forward a few hours later, and let’s just say I’ve already been reminded just how challenging it can be to actually “Be Bold.”

But remembering these words helped to recenter me while finding the strength needed to take action. I share because I understand how challenging it can be to act on these words I write about, but I also know you can do it. Next time you’re called to “Be Bold” and yet it feels so much harder than you ever thought it would, may these words give you the strength to recenter yourself and keep ongoing. You got this!


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