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Recording what one eats, how much, etc is really the one proven weight loss trick that has stood the test of time.  Why?  Because when you write down what you eat – you are more likely to think twice about what you are putting in.

I get asked all the time what is my favorite food journal app or website and in the past I have recommended FitDay ( or the Live Strong App.   But now I think I found one that is better and easier to use!   – MyNetDiary Pro (it does cost – but only $3.99)

And I promise this one is EASY to use and does not take a ton of time to search for foods – I do not have time for that!

Anyway, I think this one is the easiest app I have used thus far – and here are the reasons I love it:

  • Has about 455,000 foods in their database
  • Easy Food Entry! – Searches as you type, remembers your previous searches, remembers your servings, and even corrects typical typos.
  • Bar code scanner:  If you cannot find a food in the database – you can take a picture of the bar code on your food item and it will pull up the food automatically!
  • Can sync to a website and can work either on your phone or web page…
  • Available for IPhone, Android, and Blackberry as well as on line
  • Tracks your macro nutrient intake (carbs, proteins and fat) – and you know working with me I really like to see where calories are coming from and not just how many calories consumed!
  • You can log your exercise (has a variety of calorie burning exercise types and intensity – including nursing :))
  • See daily balance to view if you are eating a negative calorie deficient to lose weight or not…
  • Reports can automatically be e-mailed to me (for clients in my online coaching program
  • You can share on your reports / success on Facebook and Twitter (but ONLY if you want to – you do not have to!)
  • Weight Chart – gives you a graph to show exactly how you are progressing to your goal
  • Measurement Chart (you can keep track of more than just the number on the scale to see what is going on!)
  • Water tracker
  • Notes section
  • Vitamins and Mineral tracker
  • Section where you can take a “before” and “after” photo of yourself

If you are looking for a new way to log your food intake, track your progress of exercise, and stay focused on your goals – give this a try!

Have a healthy day!

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