When “Winging It” is Just Not Working Anymore…

I just finished a private session and thought the topic of our conversation was something that might help you as you prepare for for the summer months.  If you really want to achieve something great or if you feel “stuck” and want to get “un-stuck”
You can’t just “wing it” anymore…

If the goals you are working towards are important enough to you, then they deserve the time and attention to make a plan for success. This is especially true when it comes to your food. All too often I hear clients struggling with the same food issues, habits and behaviors.

  • Lack of time.
  • Not having the right food available.
  • Starting the day with a plan to “eat less” only to have your stomach scream at your around 3:00 for FOOD, but you have not prepared for the “hunger” and therefore head for the vending machine or fast food joint and tell yourself “I will start again tomorrow…”
  • Don’t like or don’t know how to cook.
The list can go on.

The point is if you REALLY want to change and you want to reach your goals, start with taking ownership of your body. Prepare yourself for success by knowing what you will eat for the next few days.

Just like bathing or cleaning, preparing your food is something you will have to do daily. If you want to be the best you can be, and get “unstuck” from un-healthy food and lifestyle cycles accept this fact.

I help clients all the time create action plans and develop meal plans on what to eat and how to prepare foods in an easy and healthy manner. But at the end of the day it comes back to the individual person. The choices we make and the priorities we set for ourselves.

  • Schedule regular grocery dates.
  • Learn what foods work for you.
  • Cook double portion meals so that you have enough for left overs.
  • Buy the family pack of chicken breast and cook on the weekend so that you have an easy grab and go option available. Bake some sweet potatoes, steam up some broccoli and viola you have a perfectly balanced meal that you can take for lunch o
  • Wash, slice, and dice your vegetables in advance and store in water in an air tight container. Therefore when the busy work week comes you have the ingredients for an easy salad.
  • Make this part of your routine.
  • Know that you are important enough to take the time to prepare how you will feed yourself for success.
You are worth the effort.
It is your body. The food you feed it will be your greatest tool in doing all those amazing things you dream and talk about doing one day.

You got this!

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