The Pros of Procrastinating

I just sent an email responding to a topic I had been avoiding for weeks. It was a topic I was uncomfortable addressing and it didn’t require immediate attention. Because I had time to put it off, I kept putting it off….until I no longer could put it off. My response had to be firm and bold, but also in a nice and professional. Every time I thought of this addressing this topic, I didn’t have the energy or clarity to respond. I waited and let things process. Some may call this avoiding or procrastinating and I get it – in a way it was. But maybe, waiting to respond is also your body’s way of allowing you to gain clarity and strength on what needs to be said and done. I thought about the situation. I slept on it. I let my body rest and recover. This morning I found the strength to say what I had been avoiding for weeks and my response was firm and bold, but also kind an professional. The thing is, today I woke up, rested, re-energized, and with clarity. I felt stronger both mentally and physically, not because I kept pushing trying to force the issue – but because I had given myself time to work through the situation as well as a pause to rest and reflect. I had given myself permission to not react with an immediate answer. I waited to answer with confidence and purpose. It’s okay to wait. We don’t have to jump at every call, text or email. It is good to take our time in responding to hard questions or decisions. It’s okay to take your time. Maybe you’re not procrastinating – but instead thinking and processing just what needs to be done, preparing yourself to respond with strength, clarity, and purpose.

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