A Back to School Letter to My Daughter…Make Cool Things Happen

As we enter a new school year I want my daughters to know how special they, and I’m sure that I am not the only parent who feels this way. However, I don’t want my efforts of building their confidence and making them feel “special” have them miss out on the  magic of living.

As extraordinary as I believe they are, they are not the only extraordinary child around. I believe we are all special and that every one of us has unique gifts and talents to share with the world. So this year, as my daughters enters a new school year, I want them to know she is unique and precious, but so is everyone else they meets. I hope she understands this message, and more importantly, I hope she shows it through her actions.

I am sharing the following letter for you to personalize and share with your own child to let him or her know that they are special, and to remind them that everyone they meet is also very special. We are not above each other – we are equals. Let us teach our kids that really cool things can happen when we bring together everything that makes us different and unique.

Dear ___________,

When you were sent to us, we knew right away you were our special, perfect little of love. And as you get ready to enter a new school year, there is something I want you to know – you are special, and will be different from the other boys and girls in your class.

But here’s another thing I need to tell you – every other boy and girl in your class, in your school, and actually, in the world, is special too.

Everyone you meet has something very special to share with you. The moms and dads of the other boys and girls were sent their own special child, one that may seem “different” than yourself.

This is how it is supposed to be.

You see, if we were all made the same, with the same color hair, or body type, or athletic ability, then this world would be a VERY boring place to live.

This year you will meet many new people that are much different than yourself. Some may be taller or shorter than you. Some may be thinner or thicker. Some may be able to run fast while others excel in school. Some may talk different, or walk different, or maybe even laugh different. But these differences are what makes them special.

Instead of trying to change yourself to be more like your friends, my wish is that you share what is so special about ________________ with others. Share your beautiful smile and goofy laugh. Share your compassionate heart and love for others. Share your creative ideas and work together with the people in your world to do something really cool. Allow your natural abilities to  others who cannot reach as high or run as far as you can!

Always remember that you are special, and so is everyone else that you meet.

Instead of excluding or making fun of someone because they are different, look to see what is special about them and celebrate the differences you all have. Let them be a part of your life. I promise when you see what is special about others, and work together, really cool things will happen.

In the end, I want you to always remember you are special, but so is everyone else you meet. We all have something magical to share, and this year I hope you and your friends take what makes you all special and make something really cool with it!



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  1. Yvette,
    This is beautiful!! This is so important for all children to know. While I was reading your letter I also thought about spouses. We usually marry the opposite of us….I know I did and most of my friends and my own married children….proves we need to embrace other special people!
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful letter.
    Mary Chastant

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