I Don’t Have Time for Girl Scouts…

Originally posted November 13, 2017 on The Lafayette Mom

I don’t have time for Girl Scouts …and it has nothing to do with the cookies or badges.

I’ve been my daughter’s troop leader for the past six years and as much as I wish to say that I’ve been the model troop leader – always on time, organized and wearing the proper uniform – this has not been true.

More often than not over the past 6 years, I have asked myself WHY?

Why do I add one more thing on my “ to-do list”  when I feel I already have too many days maxed out with work and life demands?

Why do I spend my time planning meetings, Christmas caroling, service projects, trips and more?

Why do I deal with the hassle of cookie sales, cookie orders, delivering cookies (and I am not even the troop Cookie Mom – God bless her)?  

The truth is I’m not the picture-perfect, gung ho, always organized troop leader. Ask my mother, I kinda drive her cuckoo with my approach. But, there is something about the Girl Scouts program that ignites my passion, and that lies in these two words:

Relationships and Experiences

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